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Have you been worrying about the possible tax issues that your company or business may face or are currently dealing with? Then it is about time that you learn how we, at Rajasri CPA, could help you in your tax concerns. If you are worrying about any instances when you will be scheduled for an audit, then you must immediately think of ways on how you can deal with the situation easily. However, you must first keep in mind that you must stay calm so that you can go through the entire situation without having worries, fears and more troubles.

What We Do

At Rajasri CPA, we will assist you in your needs for assistance in handling tax audit that will be initiated by CRA or Canada Revenue Agency. Like any countries, the Canadian tax authority is very eager in getting to know more about the tax responsibilities that each taxpayer can handle. However, an audit always gives any tax payer the worries that they might get penalized in one way or another. This is true especially for those who unknowingly made mistakes with the tax returns that they have filed.

As you would notice, any business that is not able to go through their financial statements and records accordingly may always encounter problems when it comes to their taxes. Most of the time, there are businesses even the small ones that would be subjected to tax audits that will be conducted by the Canadian tax authority. If you know that your business might have such problems, then it is about time that you call for our services here in Rajasri CPA. All you have to do is to call us and we will be providing the services that you need for handling the entire issue and helping you go through the case.

How We Can Help You

There are many ways on how our accountants could help you with your tax issues. Basically, we can help you in preparing tax return and stay beside you during tax audits.

Preparation of Tax Returns

At Rajasri CPA, we have expert accountants who can go through the intricate details of your financial records and see to it that they can make complete and transparent tax returns. While doing this, we will be preparing you tax planning strategies along with tax compliance consultation throughout the year. Call us and get to know more about how we can help you in this part.

Representation during Tax Audits

Surely, talking to Canadian tax authorities could make you feel nervous and even forget about other details regarding your finances. This is the main reason why an accountant beside you during this situation is a must. Since we have already handled the preparation of your tax returns, our accountants will already know most details regarding your finances. We will guide you and also respond to representations and notices for any hearing at tax agencies.

At Rajasri CPA, we aim at helping clients with the case they face regarding tax issues. So, if you have such issues with your business or just with your personal finances, call us and we will be ready to help you.