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When it comes to accounting experience and innovation, you can always expect that Rajasri CPA will meet all your business accounting services. All of our consultants will all be working with you to make use of the latest perspective suitable for your business. Our team is composed of professional consultants who can help you in all the services needed by your business especially when handling financial accounting and reporting services.

Here at Rajasri CPA, we are one of the best accounting firms equipped with competent accountants who are doing various services that include but are not limited to due diligence procedures, financial analysis, obtaining finance and business plans and advisory. To further understand how we can possibly help you, kindly check out what are included with each of our services:

Due Diligence Procedures

If you are planning to acquire an asset or business or wanting to get involved with any business transaction, fast checking might be the best thing that you should consider doing first. It is where our due diligence procedures would come in handy. The services we offer would provide risk management that could assist you in the evaluation of reliability and adequacy of financial statements of your target business as well as all details concerning your decision in moving forward. Aside from checking business background, we will help in going through financial processes and statements and also in checking unintentional and intentional omissions, errors, and compliance issues.

Financial Analysis

Regardless of how big or small your business is, having a financial map will always provide a direction on how you could organize your finances especially when putting strategic plans in action. We will help you in doing financial analysis where we could come up with projected financial performance and at the same time get to know how to handle financial sustainability in the future.

Obtaining Finance

At Rajasri CPA, we will help and guide you in the identification on how you can obtain further financial assistance for your business. We will be there in the identification of expansion opportunities as well as the best sources of financing whatever opportunities we could come up with. Don’t worry about how you can make expansion a reality as we will be there beside you guiding and giving you the assistance you need regarding financial aspects.

Business Plans and Advisory

We know that among the important things that you must consider doing is getting important information for business plans and advisory. Here at Rajasri CPA, we will guide you in creating the best business plans and advisory while considering your finances. As you lay out the business plans you have in mind, you can always contact us when it comes to your needs for pieces of advice. We could send a team of experts in our behalf to guide you completely in the path that you want to take for the success of your business.

Through these services, we, here at Rajasri CPA, will help you in getting the financial services that you need and also in ensuring that the future decisions that you will make will only be beneficial for the success of your company in the coming years. Call us and we will be more than happy to help you!