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At Rajasri CPA, We can take over your entire numerical headache allowing you to focus on your business. Depending on size of your business, we will serve you at your location, or remotely on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Our staff can manage and run your accounting department:

➾ Bookkeeping
➾ Accounts Payable
➾ Payroll services
➾ Notice to reader Financial Statements
➾ Corporate and Personal Tax
➾ Deal with CRA by representing you and Assist on CRA Audits
➾ Business Plans and Financial Forecasts
➾ Help on Start-up or Growth
➾ Purchase And Sale of Business
➾ Estate & Succession Planning

We don’t just offer accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax services that are standardized.   We treat you as a business partner who can build long term relationship and understand your business issues whereby we can offer you practical solutions. You can call us for any business issues even outside of accounting any time of the year and we will guide you on a timely manner in finding the correct resources.

If you are going through any payroll, HST, or Income Tax audit issues with CRA or WSIB, we will represent you and resolve it with the best possible scenario. After which, we will work with you to keep you out of trouble.

At Rajasri CPA, we have expert accountant and experienced bookkeepers who could handle bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services and also tax planning, management consulting services for your business and for owners. To get to know more, please call Raj directly on (416) 425 – 0088 and make a free no obligation appointment.

Bookkeeping Services

Rajasri CPA is the company where you will get the value for money while they handle your bookkeeping requirements. All bookkeeping is customized at your location or remotely at our location on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

All that you have to do is to gather all financial information such as bank statements, credit card statements, invoices, cash payments, payroll information that you have for the period and drop it off at our office or just send it via email or even we can arrange to pick it by a currier.

We will reconcile your bank, credit cards and other documents and compile your notice to reader financial statements. We have accountants and bookkeepers who can handle any size big or small, that accounting jobs. Also have professionals who could handle day-to-day bookkeeping at your location and also via cloud remotely. If you don’t have the time to prepare the cheques, we will be the one cutting the cheques and all that is left to do is to sign the cheques and then mail them to the recipients.

Periodically, our team handling your services will be sending you various reports and willing to arrange for management meetings to go over your business activities. At the end of each period, we will submit required government reports such as HST, WSIB, T4, T5, T4A, T5008.

To make an no obligation, free appointment, call Raj directly on (647) 492-3202. 

Notice to Reader Financial Statements

Numbers are not for everyone. Financial statements make it easier for you to understand what the numbers actually mean! Even if you are a number’s person, you may prefer to run your business instead of bog down on numbers.

At Rajasri CPA, we can compile and formulate your Notice to Reader financial statements in an easy to read format and explain to you what the numbers mean. Our financial statement services are often done in conjunction with our corporate tax return and tax planning services. However, it can also be done independently.

All of these services are guaranteed to be cost effective for any business owner. What we always assure our clients is that, they can always rely on the professional services of our accountants and expect that their needs will always be catered. We guarantee prompt and honest services especially since we are handling the financial records of your company.

Please call Raj directly on (647) 492-3202 and make a free no obligation appointment.